Custom Build 2021 Bronco 4DR Wildtrack! NEW and Enhanced

Dive into Truxx Outfitters’ recent transformation of a Blue 2021 Bronco 4DR Wildtrack, featuring a robust BDS 3″ Spacer Kit, premium Method MR305 Wheels, resilient Yokohama Tires, and a host of superior accessories. Discover the meticulous craftsmanship and unparalleled quality we brought to this standout build!
Completed installation of the BDS 3" Spacer Kit on the Blue 2021 Bronco 4DR Wildtrack showcasing elevated stance

2021 Bronco 4DR Wildtrack | Custom Build

Embark on a journey through Truxx Outfitters’ illustrious transformation of a Blue 2021 Bronco 4DR Wildtrack. This sophisticated build radiates our passion for unparalleled quality, meticulous precision, and the integration of aesthetic brilliance and peak performance. Every intricate detail has been considered, ensuring each modification synergizes to manifest an off-roading marvel.

Elevating Aesthetics and Performance with BDS 3 Inch Spacer Kit

The transformative odyssey commenced with the careful installation of a BDS 3″ Spacer Kit with UCA. This robust, state-of-the-art lift system was meticulously integrated, elevating the Bronco’s stance and optimizing its ground clearance. This elevation is not merely a visual enhancement—it unlocks new realms of off-road potential, enabling the Bronco to conquer rugged terrains with unprecedented ease and stability. The refined elevation magnifies the Wildtrack’s majestic presence, making it a visual epitome of power and elegance.

Striking Method MR305 Wheels: A Fusion of Precision and Style

The addition of the Method MR305 17″x8.5″ Wheels was a strategic choice to bolster the vehicle’s control and visual appeal. These wheels are revered for their unparalleled precision, robustness, and sleek design. They not only augment the Bronco’s aggressive demeanor but also empower it with enhanced maneuverability and responsiveness, ensuring each ride is a seamless fusion of style and control.

Robust Yokohama Tires: Conquering Every Terrain

The Method Wheels were paired with formidable 37×12.5-17 Yokohama Tires, designed to endure and excel. These tires are the guardians of grip and durability, providing the Bronco with the confidence to face any trail, any challenge. Their superior traction and resilience guarantee a ride of supreme confidence and adventure, redefining the boundaries of exploration.

Mount and Roadforce Balance: The Harmony of Integration

In the realm of modifications, precision is paramount. Our Mount and Roadforce Balance services were implemented to ensure that each component coexists in perfect harmony, enhancing the lifespan and performance of the newly endowed wheels and tires. This intricate balancing act guarantees smooth, optimized rides, rendering every journey a symphony of seamless integration and profound enjoyment.

Rough Country Accessories: Enhancing Utility and Preparedness

The final touch to this masterpiece was the installation of a Rough Country Spare Tire Relocation and Reinforcement Bracket. This addition fortifies the Bronco’s utility and readiness, ensuring it’s equipped to tackle unforeseen circumstances and challenges. It’s a reinforcement of reliability, allowing peace of mind to accompany every adventure, every exploration.

A Testament to Truxx’s Excellence

Every modification, every adjustment made to this Blue 2021 Bronco 4DR Wildtrack is a vivid representation of Truxx Outfitters’ devotion to excellence in vehicle modification. It’s not just about transforming vehicles; it’s about elevating experiences, creating masterpieces of power, elegance, and adventure. For more insights into our meticulous craftsmanship and innovative services, reach us at 888-250-4844.

Reflecting on the Journey

The transformation of the Blue 2021 Bronco 4DR Wildtrack is not just a showcase of superior craftsmanship and attention to detail—it’s a journey through innovation, passion, and dedication. From the elevated stance granted by the BDS 3″ Spacer Kit to the aggressive elegance of the Method MR305 Wheels and the enduring resilience of the Yokohama Tires, every element has been intricately woven to create a vehicle that is a living, roaring embodiment of power, elegance, and adventure. It’s more than a vehicle; it’s a companion in your journey through the untamed, a beacon of refined ruggedness and elevated aesthetics. Experience the Truxx difference; experience the power of a dream realized.


This meticulously crafted Blue 2021 Bronco 4DR Wildtrack, elevated by Truxx Outfitters’ unrivaled expertise, stands as a testament to what is achievable when passion, precision, and superior craftsmanship coalesce. It symbolizes an elevated realm of automotive realization, beckoning those who seek to transcend the conventional and embrace the extraordinary. It’s not merely a vehicle; it’s an embodiment of adventurous spirits and refined ruggedness, inviting you to explore the unexplored.




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Tire size 37X12.5-17