New 2024 GMC Sierra Denali HD: An In-depth Look at Our amazing TRUXXedo Transformation

Dive into our detailed New 2024 GMC Sierra Denali HD build blog. Explore firsthand our professional upgrades from custom paint processes to top-tier bed liners, ensuring both aesthetics and durability. Enhance your understanding of the transformative power of the Truxxedo Package, featuring brands like American Force, and Toyo Open Country, window tints and learn why Truxx Outfitters stands out in the automotive industry. Perfect for Sierra enthusiasts and those prioritizing vehicle longevity alike.

New 2024 GMC Sierra Denali HD

In the world of truck modifications, there’s always a quest to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. In this blog, we detail our recent project, where a GMC Sierra Denali HD underwent an extensive transformation, encompassing everything from a complete blackout to high-performing wheels and tints. Discover how we enhanced this already impressive truck, pushing the boundaries of design and utility.

The TRUXXedo Package Explained

Turning a GMC Sierra Denali HD into a modern art masterpiece requires more than just a darkened chrome element; it demands precision, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Unlike traditional methods that involve taping off parts and painting them as they sit on the vehicle, our TRUXXedo Chrome Delete process begins by meticulously removing all chrome components. Each piece is then hand-sanded, ensuring every nook and cranny is adequately prepped for optimal paint bonding.

This is followed by a thorough degreasing and cleaning, creating a pristine foundation for our patented bonding agent and a base coat that mirrors the finesse of a boat’s gel coating.

What sets our service apart is our unique paint mixture, a product of collaboration with PPG, specially engineered to bond seamlessly with chrome. Once painted, each part undergoes a rigorous curing process, baked at 250 degrees for an hour. The freshly painted and cured parts are reassembled onto the GMC Sierra Denali HD and buffed to achieve an impeccable glazed finish. We shun shortcuts and vinyl stickers, standing by the quality of our paint job. Our painted finish is backed by an exclusive 4-year warranty, guaranteeing against peeling, cracking, or bubbling—a testament to our dedication to ensuring our clients love their vehicle’s transformed look for years.

22″ American Force Forged Wheels – The Performance & Appeal:

Toyo open country close up side angleAmerican Force Close up side angle Upgrading the GMC Sierra Denali HD with 22″ American Force forged wheels isn’t just about style. These wheels, renowned for their build quality and durability, complement the truck’s robust nature. Designed to bear significant weight and endure challenging terrains, they not only amplify the truck’s appearance but also enhance its on-road and off-road capabilities.

Toyo Open Country Wheels – Marrying Functionality and Design:

The 37 12.5022Toyo Open Country wheels are synonymous with unparalleled performance. These wheels are crafted to provide improved traction on all terrains, be it slick highways or muddy trails, ensuring that the GMC Sierra Denali HD remains unstoppable. Moreover, their design perfectly meshes with the truck’s powerful stance, providing a visual appeal that’s second to none.

7in Full Throttle Suspension Lift Kit – Elevate Your Driving Experience:

The inclusion of a 7-inch Full Throttle suspension lift kit in this build underlines our commitment to improving both form and function. By raising the truck, we not only give it a more aggressive stance but also improve its ground clearance, crucial for those off-road adventures.

TRUXX Spray-in Bed Liner – Ultimate Protection Meets Sleek Design:


At Truxx Outfitters, our unparalleled legacy in spray-on truck bed liners is a testament to our relentless commitment to quality and innovation. Having started as a top-rated dealer for Rhino Linings in the DFW Metroplex area, our drive for betterment led us to pioneer a patented bed liner recipe in 2009 that ensures superior protection and adherence. Beyond its resilience against damages and chemicals, this bed liner diminishes road noise, enhances your truck’s value, and boasts an eco-friendly composition.

Residents across Texas can trust in our impeccable installation, backed by a nationwide lifetime warranty, and should any non-warranty issues arise, our expert team is poised for seamless repairs. Located centrally in Lewisville and boasting over a century of combined automotive expertise, Truxx Outfitters remains the pinnacle choice for unmatched spray-in bed liner services.

Xpel Ceramic Window Tint – Modern Protection:

Truxxedo Package close up on mirrors     New 2024 GMC Sierra Denali HD
Window tinting, as offered at Truxx Outfitters, is far more than a mere stylistic upgrade—it represents a comprehensive shield for your vehicle and its occupants. We’re immensely proud to present the XPEL PRIME window tint for the GMC Sierra Denali HD, a product that stands at the zenith of vehicular aesthetics and safety.

Whether it’s the unparalleled heat repulsion of the nano-ceramic window film PRIME XR PLUS or the sophisticated “blacked out” appearance of the hybrid metallic tint PRIME HP BLACK, we have the perfect fit for every desire. Not to be overshadowed, our traditional dyed window tint, PRIME CS BLACK, merges classic aesthetics with groundbreaking UV protection.

What truly sets Truxx Outfitters apart is our skilled brigade of professionals. With each of our certified tint installers boasting at least ten years of experience, you can rest assured that your GMC Sierra Denali HD is in the hands of true artisans. And why XPEL PRIME? Simply put, its diverse range and unmatched performance sit unrivaled in the realm of window tints. From state-of-the-art nano-ceramic options to the time-tested dyed variants, XPEL PRIME promises a tint that not only meets but surpasses expectations, all backed by a lifetime transferable warranty.

Residents of Lewisville, Denton, and neighboring locales can readily vouch for our century-long legacy in automotive expertise. At Truxx Outfitters, perfection isn’t an aspiration—it’s a guarantee. So, if you’re seeking a transformative experience for your vehicle, one that seamlessly melds style, safety, and longevity, look no further than our suite of offerings.
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