The Ultimate Guard for Your Catalytic Converter!

Introducing the Cat Saver by Desert Eagle. The streets are unpredictable, but your vehicle’s safety shouldn’t be. Crafted from durable 10-gauge steel, our skid plate is more than just protection; it’s peace of mind on wheels.

Key Features:

Solid Protection:

10-gauge steel skid plate that safeguards your catalytic converter against theft.

Sleek Look:

Powder-coated semi-gloss black. Designed to complement your vehicle's aesthetics.

Comprehensive Kit:

Comes with T45 security bolts. Note: TRD Pro may need small modifications.

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Why Choose the Cat Saver?

Thieves have an eye for catalytic converters, but with the Cat Saver, you’re always a step ahead. Our plate isn’t just about protection; it’s a statement against theft. Coated in a semi-gloss black finish, it’s sleek, stylish, and stout against threats. Plus, our kit includes T45 security bolts, ensuring that what’s yours stays yours.

Special Mention: Toyota Tacoma 2nd Generation owners, we’ve got you covered too.

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Professional Installation at Truxx Outfitters

At Truxx Outfitters, we believe in perfection down to the last bolt. When you choose the Cat Saver, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re investing in expert, professional installation. Our skilled technicians ensure that the skid plate is mounted seamlessly, providing optimum protection. Say goodbye to DIYs and trust the experts for a hassle-free, secure fit.

Ready In-Store, Expertly Installed

Why wait for shipping when we have the Cat Saver ready and waiting at Truxx Outfitters? Our inventory is stocked, ensuring there’s no delay in safeguarding your vehicle. Once you decide, our team takes over, providing a swift and efficient installation process. Your vehicle’s safety is paramount, and with Truxx, it’s in expert hands.


What people are saying...

price is extremely fair. Speaking from experience, the cost of replacing the cats is 7-10 k before insurance. Not to mention the 12+ month back log on getting genuine Toyota cats right now.
Chuck Klingenberg
Mine has given me a great deal of peace of mind. 100% Well worth it.
Manuel Garcia
Yes! Worth every dollar! My Tundra lives in the driveway and this plate gives me peace of mind. Many of my neighbors have been victims of thieves.
Jeremy Sawyer