The 2024 Infiniti QX50 Blackout Build: Enhancing Style and Functionality

Trans form your 2024 Infiniti QX50 into a sleek masterpiece with our complete blackout build featuring Xpel Prim XR ceramic window tint. Discover how to elevate your vehicles style and functionality with a full chrome delete, custom black wheels, and premium upgrades. Upgrade your XQ50’s exterior with a full blackout package, including blacked-out chrome accents and customized emblems for a modern and aggressive look Enhance performance and handling with custom ally wheels and lowering springs, achieving a sportier stance and improved driving stimulation. Discover how you can transform your vehicles style and your confidence driving with a full chrome delete, custom blackout wheels. Learn how Truxx Outfitters can transform your QX50 into a head-turning statement on the road. Upgrade your QX50’s exterior with a full blackout package including blacked-out chrome accents and customized emblems for a modern and aggressive look. Truxx Outfitters specialized in professional customization, ensuring everyday detail of your QX50 blackout build is executed with precision and expertise. Take your driving experience to the next level with our comprehensive guide to enhancing your Infiniti QX50. Call Us today to get your quote!
Blackout 2024 Infiniti QX50

Transform your 2024 Infiniti QX50 into a stunning masterpiece with a full blackout customization complemented by Xpel Prim window tint, expertly executed by the processionals at Truxx Outfitters. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the details of this sleek and sophisticated build, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality to elevate your driving experience.

Full Blackout Package: Elevate the Look

Back of 2024 QX50 blackout


The first step in the build is the full blackout package, which involves transforming the exterior of your Infinity QX50 into a bold and stylish statement. Here’s what this customization entails:

  • Chrome Delete: All Chrome accents, including the front grille, window trim, side mirrors, and door handles, will be meticulously wrapped or painted in a deep, rich black finish. This cohesive blacked-out look gives the QX50 a modern and aggressive appearance, setting it apart form the crowd.
  • Customized Emblems: Emblems and badges will be replaced or blacked out to seamlessly integrate with the overall blackout theme. This attention to details ensures a clean and cohesive finish, enhancing the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Window Tinting: Complementing the blackout package is the application of Xpel Prim XR ceramic window tint. This premium tint not only enhances privacy but also provides superior heat rejection and UV protection. The ceramic technology helps keep the interior cool and protects upholstery from fading, all while reducing glare for improved visibility.2024 Infiniti XPel Prim XR ceramic window tint and powder coated wheels

Custom wheels and Suspension: Enhance Performance and Stance

To complement the striking exterior transformation, consider upgrading your QX50 with custom wheels and suspension modification:

  • Custom Wheels: Upgrade to a set of sleek black wheels that complement the blackout theme. Choose a design that enhances the QX50’s sporty profile while improving overall handling and performance.

Custom Wheels

Upgrade your QX50’s wheels to a set of premium custom black out factory rims. Choose a design that complements the vehicle’s sleek profile and matches the blackout theme. Upgrading the wheels not only enhances aesthetics but also improves handling and performance.

blackout wheels of 2024 Infiniti QX50


By opting for the 2024 QX50 blackout build with Xpel Prim XR ceramic window tint from Truxx Outfitters, you’re not just customizing your vehicle – you’re making a bold statement on the road. From the sleek exterior enhancements to the e refined interior upgrades, every detail of this build is designed to enhance both style and functionality. Trust the experts at Truxx Outfitters to bring your vision to life and transform you Infiniti QX50 into a head-turning masterpiece. Elevate your driving experience today with this unique and understanding customization package.


front grille of 2024 QX50 blackout

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