BDS Suspension Lift Kit & Beautiful Modification For 2012 Toyota Tundra

Looking to upgrade or customize your Toyota Tundra truck? TRUXX Outfitters installs all modifications on site with professional certified mechanics. With our proven reputation as an expert in Toyota Tundra modifications, you can expect top quality installations with industry backed lifetime warranties. Your Toyota Tundra was built for more than just everyday driving. Upgrade today to a complete BDS Suspension Lift Kit and modification from TRUXX Outfitters.


If you’re looking for one of the highest quality lift kits on the market, as well as the best looking, BDS Suspension is where it’s at. BDS offers two high clearance lift kits designed with Tundra enthusiasts in mind that want more out of their trucks both on and off the trail. These 4.5 inch and 7 inch High Clearance (HC) suspension systems feature the same core components that have earned them such a loyal following among Toyota Tundra owners.

This system includes two high strength one-piece crossmembers, heavy duty full width belly skid plate and ductile iron steering knuckles to provide superior off road protection and positioning of the rear suspension and drivetrain. At the front end are precision tuned Fox 2.5 remote reservoir coilovers with DSC (dual speed compression) equipped coilovers.

This top-of-the-line BDS suspension lift kit is constructed with Fox 2.5 remote reservoir coilovers for superior on and off road performance. It includes high clearance one-piece front & rear crossmembers, ductile iron steering knuckles, differential relocation and a heavy duty skid plate as well.

BDS offers a pair of Performance Series Upper Control Arms (UCA) for the rear to improve suspension travel and strength over factory style arms. Constructed from 1.5″ OD heavy wall tubing, fully welded, these arms boast OE style rubber bushings and a MOOG ball joint for improved ride and longevity.

BDS Suspension Lift Kit comes with the security of knowing you purchased the finest lift kit in the aftermarket industry. And with a “No BS Hardcore Lifetime Warranty,” it’s hard to beat.

TRUXX Outfitters is a certified distributor of all BDS products, so our customers can benefit from quality work from professional and experienced mechanics who know BDS suspension kits inside and out. TRUXX Outfitters guarantee labor with a lifetime warranty. That’s how much we believe in BDS products.


Bushwacker Pocket Style Flares

Rugged and iconic. That is what Bushwacker Pocket Style Flares will transform your 2012 Toyota Tundra into. The Bushwacker Pocket Style Flares are built to take a beating, by featuring several high performance features designed to give your Tundra maximum bump absorption for superior ride and handling. Not only that, it meets federal and state safety regulations as well as being backed by an impressive lifetime warranty.

TRUXX Outfitters will install your Bushwacker Pocket Style Flares on any Toyota Tundra with a lifetime warranty. Trust TRUXX Outfitters with modifying your Toyota Tundra.

UnderCover Ultra Flex Bed Cover

This top-of-the-line truck bed cover from UnderCover comes with exceptional new features and is topped with a matte finish. Drive with confidence knowing your truck bed is covered with a weather resistant UnderCover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover.

The UnderCover Ultra Flex Bed Cover features are practically endless! Always have quick access to your truck bed with easy to lift panels. Plus there are three secure positions to choose from to ensure your load is secure. Fully open, fully closed, or partially open position.

TRUXX Outfitters installs these made in the USA UnderCover Ultra Flex Bed Cover on site in Lewisville TX. This tonneau cover from UnderCover comes with a 5 year warranty while TRUXX Outfitters provides a lifetime labor warranty.

5 Inch Oval Step Bars

Step in and out of your Toyota Tundra safely and easily with Oval Step Bars from Westin. The Westin Oval Nerf Step Bars feature a bold series with unique saddle mounted step pads and deep paved waterways to help keep the step area dry. These oval step bars also come with a five year manufacturer warranty and a lifetime labor warranty from TRUXX Outfitters.

Bed Extender

Boasting as lightweight and super strong, the AMP Research bed extender is an ideal accessory for increasing cargo space in your Toyota Tundra truck. They come in various sizes and can be installed by our professional TRUXX Outfitters installers.

This U-shaped extension attaches to your tailgate and offers up to 2 feet of extra space. Bed extenders give you the flexibility to open up the tailgate and use that extra space for cargo, while others simply secure smaller items. Which type you choose depends on your individual needs and the specifications of your truck.

Contact TRUXX Outfitters today to order your bed extender for any Toyota Tundra.

Window Tint

The finishing touch is window tint. TRUXX Outfitters’ experienced technicians use advanced forming techniques to transform flat glass into the tailored film of your dreams. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies and industry leading brands, we provide premium window tinting solutions that are guaranteed to make your ride a better place to be.

Spray In Bedliner

At Truxx Outfitters we take pride in being able to offer our customers the Best Spray on truck bed liners in the Business! We have been doing this longer than any other company in the DFW Metroplex area.

Our Patented Bed Liner recipe has been spraying flawlessly since 2009. We guarantee you will not find a better product. And with a lifetime warranty, it’s just one more reason why you should choose Truxx Outfitters to spray your next Sprayed in Bed liner.

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